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Masc Collection Sampler
Masc Collection Sampler
Masc Collection Sampler
Masc Collection Sampler

Masc Collection Sampler


    The Masc Collection Sampler includes four 1.5oz snap bars in the following scents. That's 6oz of melts!

    Lumberjack - Oak | Cedar | Sandalwood | Juniper | Clove

    A fresh, clean take on the deep forest woods.

    Highball - Barrel Aged Bourbon | Maple Butter Rum

    Maple adds a softened, sweetened twist to rich and woody aged Kentucky Bourbon.

    Cowboy - Smoky Tobacco | Fresh Leather | Vanilla Crème

    Pipe smoke and saddle leather are softened with creamy vanilla.

    Zaddy - Vetiver | Balsam Fir | Bergamot | Rosemary | Cardamom

    A timeless and sensual masculine cologne blend


    How to Use: Break, or chop, into the appropriate amount for your wax warmer, room size, and desired scent throw. This will have to be a judgement call - just make sure the wax doesn't spill out! 

    Additional Information
    Each of our melts contain around twice the industry-standard amount of fragrance - meaning, generally, you won't need to use as much as you might with the boring clamshell box brands. You can melt and re-melt the wax until the scent is gone.

    Troubleshooting: For best results we recommend hot plate warmers. If using an illumination (light bulb) warmer, we recommend at least 18 watts. Be aware, nose-blindness is a thing. If your scents start to fade well before their usual expiry, give your nose a break and switch up scents for a bit. It makes a big difference!

    *Due to the hand-crafted nature of our products, inconsequential variances in shape and color can be expected.

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