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Product Information

All Pink and Pearl wax is vegan and cruelty free. Our wax melts do not contain

  • Tree Nut Oils
  • Mineral Oils
  • BPA
  • Lead
  • Formaldehyde


What is a wax melt?

  • Wax melt or, wax tart, is a broad term for the general concept of scented, wickless wax meant to be used in a wax or candle warmer or, other approved heating device.


What are Pink and Pearl wax melts made of?

  • Our wax melts are a combination of wax and fragrance with color or other decorative elements added. Our wax is a para-soy (40/60) blend.


What are fragrance oils made of?

  • Fragrance oils are a combination of synthetic aroma compounds and natural essential oils.

Unfortunately, the U.S. does not require manufacturers to disclose the ingredients used in every oil. The best we, as consumers, are given is assurance that the ingredients used are a combination of any of the 3,500+ regulated materials that have been approved for use in fragrance oils. Vague and relatively frustrating, I know.


How are wax melts different from candles?

  • Melts differ from candles in a few key ways.
    • Avoid the hassle of an open flame. As a family business, we know that safety always comes first. In our house, it's not always practical to have a candle burning with all the little hands around. Wax melts offer an easy, flame-free alternative.
    • Melts are a cheaper option than traditional candles or even plug-in type oil systems.
    • The freedom to switch up scents as often as you like! 
    • Because melts are warmed, rather than burned, they are able to hold a significantly higher fragrance load and do not produce harmful smoke or soot.


How are wax melts used?

  • To use Pink and Pearl wax, simply place a product of your choice into an approved warmer and enjoy! For smaller warmers, you may have to break or, chop the wax into smaller pieces.*

   *We've got the choppers for that here.

  • NEVER use warming devices that are not approved for wax melting and ALWAYS use them according to their original instructions.


How long does the scent last?

  • It depends heavily upon your particular set up but, in general, the hotter the warmer, the stronger the smell. On the other hand, a warmer that melts more slowly will release scent longer. Additionally, fragrance scales with room size so, larger rooms may require additional wax to achieve the same level of scent.
  • Warmers come in three varieties:
    • Tea Light Warmers use a tea light candle to warm the wax. They are not electric and are much easier to move from room to room but, carry the risk of open flame. These, typically, melt at the highest temperatures.
    • Hot Plate Warmers melt wax with an electric heating 'plate' directly underneath the wax dish. They carry no risk of open flame but do require a plug-in, making them harder to move around. Of electric warmers, this style typically melts at the highest temperatures.
    • Light Bulb Warmers tend to be the most popular style. They use a special, small watt bulb to heat the wax. Though wattage can vary by design, this kind typically heats at lower temperatures.


What's the best way to get old wax out of a warmer?

  • Here are some of our favorites!
    • Drop cotton balls into liquid wax, wait for them to absorb, then remove carefully. This is the quickest method. ProTip: Waxy cotton balls can be saved to use as firestarters!
    • Turn off heat source, allow wax dish to cool enough to touch, place dish in freezer for at least 15-20 minutes. Once you take it out the wax will simply pop out of the dish and you'll be ready to melt again!
    • Turn your warmer on while the wax is solid and at room temps. Let it warm for about 15-20 minutes and then press gently on one side of the wax puck to push it out of the dish. This method is a bit more messy but, it works well for solid wax that can't be moved to the freezer!
  • Some people pour their used wax into another container once it loses fragrance. While this method will get the job done, for all of the safety concerns surrounding the handling of hot wax, we DO NOT recommend it.


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