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Do YoU uSe NaTuRaL iNgReDiEnTs

Short answer, no.

If natural is what you're after buy yourself some distilled water, an ultrasonic humidifier, and some quality essential oils from a reputable manufacturer. Because there's nothing natural about a candle.

A unscented beeswax candle on an undyed cotton wick might be as close to natural as it gets. But that candle won't smell good enough to make your day when you walk through the door either. 

Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils

I know, we've all seen the marketing buzz. That famous bath and body store says they put essential oils in their candles. Are they lying?

Only a little. Every fragranced candle has essential oils because every artificial fragrance contains some percentage of natural aromatic compounds - aka essential oils. By that logic, I could put ESSENTIAL OILS on all of Pink and Pearl's packaging. But you're not dumb and I'm not dishonest.

Ever wonder why they never tell you the percentage or rest of the ingredients? Just saying.

Soy Wax vs. Paraffin Wax

What about the 100% Natural Soy buzz?

Once again, we're lacking full disclosure.

Soy wax is a synthetic product and therefore cannot be natural. We can fight about it if you want to.

Or, you can read the following excerpt from The National Organic Standards Board Crops Subcommittee Petitioned Material Proposal concerning Soywax on July 5, 2016. (

"Soy wax is considered synthetic because when it is hydrogenated, it undergoes a chemical change that does not happen naturally. Hydrogenation is the process whereby the poly- and mono-unsaturated oils are turned into saturated oils, solidifying them in order to increase the viscosity. As the petition describes it, this process involves the reaction of hydrogen with soybean oil at elevated temperature (140-225o C) in the presence of a nickel catalyst. Therefore, even if soy wax were made from organic soybeans by this process, it would be synthetic."

But everyone knows that paraffin wax is byproduct of petroleum production!! 


Regardless of where you stand on this front, both waxes have their strengths and their weaknesses. Which is why I use a blend of both. 

See how nice disclosure can be?