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2020 saw a collective, cultural shift in the search for meaning and value in our daily lives. As most of us became isolated in our homes, the way we have come to experience and appreciate our home and living space has changed irrevocably.

“Every second that makes you feel better is worth spending.”

Pink & Pearl was founded with the intent of creating joy through one-of-a-kind experiences in small but substantial ways.


“Indulge in what makes you feel the most you.”

With lot of scent and sparkle, our products allow anyone to transform their ordinary space into a soothing home sanctuary of their choosing.

Whether for comfort, atmosphere, relaxation, ambiance, stress relief, or gifting, we are proud to offer deeply meaningful products that directly support our family, our community, and causes we care about.


Did you know that our olfactory system (sniffer system) is located in the same part of our brain that effects emotion, memory, and creativity? This is why a smell can take you back in time.

It’s the smell of a honeysuckle bush blooming under a hot, southern summer sun for me. Just the idea of it transports me straight back to childhood. And we all have something like that. Probably many somethings. This is the power of scent. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Researchers agree that humans have the ability to detect and distinguish between millions of scents. Yet, we all experience certain scents differently. Some people like florals, others find them revolting. That’s because humans have more than 900,000 combinations of variations within the different genetic codes for smell.

Meaning, people can smell the same thing in two different ways because they are physically, biologically processing them differently. It depends entirely on your specific genome which scent receptors in your olfactory system will be activated by a particular scent. One study suggests that the way scents are perceived generally varies about 30% from person to person.

It makes for a fascinating challenge.


There is magic in the alchemy of creation.

Though she’d spent most of her life creating numerous things of varying value (some impressive, most not), Claire found a sweet spot in the potential of fragrance and the challenges of wax.

A single mom, Claire works in corporate insurance compliance by day while pursuing her dream life of an independent schedule, creative freedom, and passionate, purposeful, and fulfilling work creating things of both monetary and emotional value to others during naptime, after bedtime, weekends, evenings, and whenever she can fit it in between.

Founded in 2020. Intentionally made in Oklahoma.