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Hello! My name is Claire and I’m the founder of Pink & Pearl.
We are a black-owned small family business located in Oklahoma, USA.



In 2019, violence made me a solo parent overnight. My daughter was an infant at the time. A light pink color and strings of glass pearls made up the theme of her first birthday - a milestone that used to be my light at the end of the tunnel in the early days when everything seemed so dark. I named the Company after this moment because it's a constant reminder of both how far we've come and why we must keep going.



Though armchair philosophers still debate the feasibility of ethical consumption under captialism, we subscribe to the belief that any privilege of opportunity (a platform and disposable income, for instance) brings with it responsibility to the collective.
Through our Causes Collection we are able to make regular monthly donations to some of the organizations that model our values and actively work to create the kind of world we want to live in.


TLD;DR: Love is love. Black lives matter. Trans rights are human rights.

People and Planet > Profit.